II International Conference on Protecting the Environment from Traffic Noise TRANSNOISE 2012 took place on 3-5 October 2012.

The conference gathered nearly 140 participants from various institutions and organizations representing environmental and civil engineering industries, representatives of road authorities, science, government and local government.

The Organizer of the conference was the Scientific-Industrial Consortium of Civil Engineering (KNPIL) created by Małopolska Voivodeship – Regional Road Administration in Cracow, Cracow University of Technology and EKKOM Sp. z o.o. Co-organizers were: Zwiazek Mostowcow RP – Małopolska Branch and Polish Road Congress – Małopolska Region. The scientific patronage over the conference was taken by prof. Kazimierz Furtak, PhD. Eng. – President of Cracow University of Technology.

II International Conference on Protecting the Environment from Traffic Noise TRANSNOISE 2012 was divided into thematic sessions devoted to:

  1. Current issues of noise protection,
  2. Innovative materials, technologies and methods of protection against traffic noise,
  3. Acoustic maps and traffic noise protection programs (road and rail management problems),
  4. Road noise studies and forecasts.

During the three-day sessions, apart from the panel discussion, 20 presentations containing a number of conclusions and postulates were showed. The most important of them, discussed by the participants during the final part, included:

  1. Further broad discussion on environmental protection against traffic noise with coordinated participation of representatives of road authorities, scientists and specialists from many industries (healthcare, acoustics, road construction, planning, urban planning, architecture, etc.).
  2. Change of legal regulations on noise levels and approach towards environmental protection from traffic noise.
  3. Development of a timetable for changes in legal regulations and approaches towards realistic methods of protecting the environment against traffic noise and, above all, changes to the approach to land use planning. Planners and urban planners should be involved in the change process.
  4. The National Research and Development Center should take over the substantial funding of the research on the issues of effective and real protection of the environment against traffic noise.

Scientific-Industrial Consortium of Civil Engineering (KNPIL) was rewarded for its actions and implementations for effective noise protection during During TRANSNOISE 2012.

The KNPIL Award was given to Roman Ciepiela, Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodship for his determination and great commitment to change the environment protection legal regulations against traffic noise.

The KNPIL Award was also given to the Province Roads Administration in Cracow for undertaking a special initiative, which resulted in the implementation of pilot sections of silent pavements on provincial road No. 780.

Conference materials – Polish version from EDROGA.TV:

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