Topics of the Conference


Environmental studies and eco-infrastructure in legal regulations:

  • Current legal status and necessary changes
  • Optimization of eco-infrastructure
  • Procedures for the use of eco-infrastructure
  • Guidelines and catalogs for environmental studies and eco-infrastructure

Research and innovative eco-infrastructure solutions:

  • Data in environmental studies
  • Environmental databases
  • Research and forecasts of environmental impacts and condition of the environment

BIM design technology and forecasting of adverse impacts in civil engineering:

  • BIM design technology and its use in environmental studies
  • Methods of forecasting the adverse impacts in civil engineering
  • Life cycle analysis of transportation facilities
  • Preparing variants in environmental studies

Adverse impacts of transportation infrastructure on the environment and human health – methods and means of minimization:

  • Current issues of the usage of noise protection solutions
  • Air pollution and its impact on climate and human health
  • Impact of transportation infrastructure on water environment – methods and means to reduce pollution
  • Current issues of environmental protection in civil engineering – the need for research and necessary changes in approach

Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the conference program.

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